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Go Fast with Google Cloud Run

December 4, 2019

Google Cloud Run web console

Google’s recently available Cloud Run, in my opinion, resembles the future of the developer experience on the cloud. Cloud Run (fully managed flavor) lets me build a containerized application, and just run it, without firing a single neuron to consider:

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Gecgecgec →

November 25, 2019


Stab a Book, the Book Won't Die →

November 21, 2019

This is a wonderful essay by Craig Mod on the longstanding resiliency of books, and the “contracts” we subject ourselves to when engaging with them versus other media.

One of the most damning quotes (at least for myself):

If habits define identity, then given the amount of time so many of us devote to reloading Twitter, opening Netflix, checking reddit, et cetera, are most of our identities that of media addict?

And the closing, which I love:

Given its plainness, [a physical book] may be the most magical of all our contemporary technologies. It exists simply to be still, cannot be optimized, will never know us, and though a body is still while reading, the mind is active, telepathy is happening, and a sense of self-betterment and hope pervades as we turn the final page.

A Small Handful of Mac Apps

July 5, 2019

I freaking love macOS. I joined the club when cat names were cool. My first Mac was a Mac mini rocking Mountain Lion.

Apple’s WWDC19 revealed a glimpse into the future of building software for macOS. No longer will it be siloed with its own UI framework. Instead, apps can be composed with UIKit and SwiftUI, neither of which is Mac-only.

As someone that loves a good native Mac app, the future of the platform looks bright.

Before Apple opens the floodgates with the release of Catalina, I wanted to share my list of beloved Mac apps that are here and now.

macOS app icons

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Push Your Shoes Down the Stairs

November 10, 2015

Abstract cave

I was sitting in a large open stairwell, with gaps beneath each stair that led to the lobby area below. I work as a leader at a children’s summer camp, and right now we’re in what we call “small group time”. I’m sitting in this stairwell with several other kids (think 8 to 11 years old) discussing what we learned today.

Clearly bored with the discussion, one kid decides to push objects through the opening in the stairs, sending them plummeting into the lobby below.

The first object he chooses is his own shoe.

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